Photos from the Conference

Please click here for a collection of beautiful photos from the recently concluded APSAFE conference. Hope to meet everyone again and wish everyone a very Happy New Year!


How to Get to Conference Sites

This post walks you to the sites of the APSAFE conference. The sites consist of two buildings. In the morning we will have the plenary sessions at the Main Auditorium of Institute Building 3. This is located on the first floor of the building. When you walk to the building from Siam Square you will find this short lane:


Walk in there until you find a walkway with roof, and if you look up you will see this:


The Institute Building 3 is  the one on the right. Walk along the walkway toward your right until you find an entrance:







Walk inside and look toward your left you will find a staircase:



Walk up the staircase and turn to your left. You will be at the Main Auditorium.

The sessions in the afternoon will take place on the 12th floor of the Wittayakit Building. This is the building that is on your right when you walk along the walkway toward the Institute Building 3. In front it looks like this:

Wittayakit Building

Wittayakit Building

Another angle:


Walk up and turn right toward the elevators. You have to use the elevators on your right side because the ones on the left take you to the odd numbered floor and we are going to the 12th floor. The elevators look like this:



Hope this is helpful to you. See you in a couple of days!

Recent Unrests in Bangkok

Dear all,

A number of you have written to me asking about the recent unrest in Bangkok. So let me assure you that the unrests do not affect us at the university or the area surrounding it at all, and the conference will proceed as usual. The atmosphere now is quite calm, and the troubled spots are quite some distance away from us. The protesters are targeting some government ministries and those are not in our area.

So please be assured of your safety and Bangkok is still a great place to visit. Life is going on as usual. We look forward to welcoming you to the conference on Thursday!

All the Best,

Logistical Information

For those who come to Thailand from abroad, chances are that you will arrive at the Suvarnabhumi Airport. This is a huge airport that serves more than 45 million passengers a year. However, despite its hugeness, the process of getting from the plane to outside is pretty straightforward. There might be some congestion at the passport check points, but they are trying to streamline that process and make it as smooth for our visitors as possible.

Many of our visitors do not need a visa to come to Thailand; however, some may do. You can check the latest visa information at the Thai Embassy in your city, or check the information at this website. There is also the possibility of applying for visa on arrival. Please check at the website if your country qualifies for that. If you have questions please feel free to write to me.

The organizers have arranged for a shuttle pickup with GuarantService Company. This is reliable as I have used their service for previous conferences. Please refer to the information in the this file for details about how to find them and others. The price is very good at 360 Baht. Please pay directly to the driver. This is much cheaper than if you get an airport limousine and is competitive with the public taxis (see next paragraph).

The second option is to go for the public taxis. These are the normal taxis that ordinary Thais always use. For this you have to go past customs and enter to the arrival hall where there are always a large number of people waiting for their friends. You need to go down one floor to get the taxis. Look for a sign saying “Public Taxi”. There will be a number of desks with somebody taking a note of where you’d like to go. She will write the note on a piece of paper and gives one half of it to the waiting taxi driver and the other half to you. This is an evidence that you board this particular car in case you have complaints. The language of the document is also in English. The normal fare for a ride to the central part of Bangkok where we will have the conference should be around 300 to 400 baht. If the taxi goes via the Expressway (which most of them do to save time), you are expected to pay for the tolls yourself. That is around 50 to 80 Baht depending on your destination.

The third option is to take the Airport Rail Link. This is the least expensive option of all, but it means that you’d have to carry your luggage on board the train, which can be quite crowded during the rush hours. However, it can be the fastest way to your hotel if yours happens to be on the route. If you stay at a hotel close to the Chula campus you can easily board the train and change to the BTS system at the Phyathai Station. You will have to carry your luggage from one platform to another though. So I’d advise that you only take this option if you have a light luggage that you can easily carry around. If your hotel is the Novotel Siam Square, after arriving at Phyathai Station (which is the last station on the Airport Rail Link), you have to take a BTS to Siam Station. This is a short ride. Siam is only two stations south of Phyathai. When you arrive at the Siam Station, the Novotel is just next door. I don’t remember the price, but it should not be more than 150 baht the whole way.

So this is the info on how to travel from the airport to your hotel. I’ll post info on other matters later. Thanks and see you at the conference – Soraj.

Bangkok Tourism Information

For those who would like to combine the trip to the conference with a tourism schedule while in Bangkok. Here is a place where you can start – As we all know, Bangkok is one of the world’s greatest tourism cities and there are far more attractions than I can tell in this post. Another interesting site, managed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand is here –

Deadline for Submitting Full Paper Extended

Since we have moved the deadline for submitting abstracts, naturally the deadline for submitting full papers will be moved too. The new deadline for full papers is now September 30. Please note that your participation in the conference is not conditional upon submitting full papers, but you need to get your abstract accepted. The format for full paper can be found inside this web site. We plan to produce a physical book of abstracts, and the full papers will be collected and distributed in a thumb drive to be given as a part of the conference package.

Thanks a lot and see you soon in Bangkok!